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iPhone X Australian pricing

Apple and Australia’s three biggest telecommunications providers — Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone Australia — have unveiled their iPhone X pricing alongside pre-orders from October 27 ahead of launch on November 3.

Purchasing the iPhone X outright from Apple will set Australians back AU$1,579 for the 64GB model or AU$1,829 for 256GB, and it is available in silver and space grey.

The price tags are an increase on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus; in addition, in the United States the iPhone X 64GB model costs $999 while the 256GB model costs $1,149.

Accordingly, even when taking into account the exchange rate, Australians are paying between $250 and $390 extra for the iPhone X.

The iPhone X similarly costs more in the UK, starting at £999 with VAT, and in New Zealand where it starts at NZ$1,799 and Singapore where the base iPhone X costs SG$1,648.


Including handset repayments, the minimum spend per month for the new iPhones on each telco are:



If you make your choices based on the highest possible data inclusions:



On Australia’s incumbent telco — which recently updated its post-paid and prepaid plans with a media partnership with Foxtel — the iPhones are available at the following price points including device repayments on its 24-month phone-leasing plans:

  • iPhone X 64GB: AU$102 for 2GB data; AU$114 for 5GB data; AU$129 for 20GB data; AU$139 for 30GB data; AU$139 for 60GB data; and AU$179 for 120GB data
  • iPhone X 256GB: AU$114 for 2GB data; AU$126 for 5GB data; AU$139 for 20GB data; AU$154 for 30GB data; AU$149 for 60GB data; and AU$179 for 120GB data

It costs slightly extra to pay the phone off in monthly instalments under Telstra’s plans:

  • iPhone X 64GB: AU$112 for 2GB data; AU$124 for 5GB data; AU$139 for 20GB data; AU$149 for 30GB data; AU$149 for 60GB data; and AU$179 for 120GB data
  • iPhone X 256GB: AU$124 for 2GB data; AU$136 for 5GB data; AU$149 for 20GB data; AU$164 for 30GB data; AU$159 for 60GB data; and AU$179 for 120GB data

Telstra’s plans all include unlimited national talk and text and a day pass for international roaming, with all bar the cheapest two including unlimited talk and text to 15 countries (the US, the UK, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh) and a number of Foxtel Now starter packs.


Optus recently announced an overhaul of its post-paid plans, and will be providing the iPhone X for the following phone-leasing plan costs including handset repayments:

  • iPhone X 64GB: AU$90 for 2GB data; AU$102 for 7GB data; AU$107 for 16GB data; AU$114 for 40GB data; AU$120 for 100GB data; and AU$149 for 200GB data
  • iPhone X 256GB: AU$100 for 2GB data; AU$112 for 7GB data; AU$117 for 16GB data; AU$124 for 40GB data; AU$130 for 100GB data; and AU$149 for 200GB data

Paying the phones off over monthly instalments brings the plans to:

  • iPhone X 64GB: AU$100 for 2GB data; AU$112 for 7GB data; AU$117 for 14GB data; AU$124 for 30GB data; AU$130 for 100GB data; and AU$149 for 200GB data
  • iPhone X 256GB: AU$110 for 2GB data; AU$122 for 7GB data; AU$127 for 14GB data; AU$134 for 30GB data; AU$140 for 100GB data; and AU$149 for 200GB data

Optus’ three highest tiers also include between 1GB and 1.5GB of data to use per month on international roaming, and all plans include Optus Sport and National Geographic subscriptions, and data-free streaming across Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Yes TV by Fetch. Netflix, Stan, and ABC iview.


Vodafone, which in August refreshed its Red post-paid mobile plans, is providing the new iPhones at the following pricing points for the 36-month repayment period:

  • iPhone X 64GB: AU$73.86 for 2GB; AU$83.86 for 6GB; AU$93.86 for 16GB; AU$93.86 for 14GB; AU$103.86 for 32GB; AU$103.86 for 30GB; AU$123.86 for 42GB; AU$123.86 for 40GB; and AU$143.86 for 50GB
  • iPhone X 256GB: AU$80.80 for 2GB; AU$90.80 for 6GB; AU$100.80 for 16GB; AU$100.80 for 14GB; AU$110.80 for 32GB; AU$110.80 for 30GB; AU$130.80 for 42GB; AU$130.80 for 40GB; and AU$150.80 for 50GB

For the 24-month device repayment period, the phones cost:

  • iPhone X 64GB: AU$95.79 for 2GB; AU$105.79 for 6GB; AU$115.79 for 16GB; AU$115.79 for 14GB; AU$125.79 for 32GB; AU$125.79 for 30GB; AU$145.79 for 42GB; AU$145.79 for 40GB; and AU$165.79 for 50GB
  • iPhone X 256GB: AU$106.20 for 2GB; AU$116.20 for 6GB; AU$126.20 for 16GB; AU$126.20 for 14GB; AU$136.20 for 32GB; AU$136.30 for 30GB; AU$156.20 for 42GB; AU$156.20 for 40GB; and AU$176.20 for 50GB

And lastly, for the 12-month repayment period, the phones cost:

  • iPhone X 64GB: AU$161.58 for 2GB; AU$171.58 for 6GB; AU$181.58 for 16GB; AU$181.58 for 14GB; AU$191.58 for 32GB; AU$191.58 for 30GB; AU$211.58 for 42GB; AU$211.58 for 40GB; and AU$231.58 for 50GB
  • iPhone X 256GB: AU$182.41 for 2GB; AU$192.41 for 6GB; AU$202.41 for 16GB; AU$202.41 for 14GB; AU$212.41 for 32GB; AU$212.41 for 30GB; AU$232.41 for 42GB; AU$232.41 for 40GB; and AU$252.41 for 50GB

All Vodafone plans include AU$5 a day international roaming; free roaming in New Zealand; and the Vodafone 30-day network satisfaction guarantee, with some plans throwing in Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

Apple unveiled the new iPhones in the US in September, with the iPhone X disposing with the home button and including integrated FaceID facial recognition, with the face data not being sent to a server but instead being stored on a chip; a Super Retina and HDR 10 display with Dolby Vision, True Tone, and 3D Touch support; animated emojis; dual 12-megapixel TrueDepth cameras with f 1.8 and 2.4 apertures; and a quad-LED flash.

According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple is aiming for the “next decade” with the iPhone X.

“The first iPhone revolutionised the first decade of the technology. Ten years later, it’s only fitting to reveal a product that will set the stage for the next decade,” Cook said during the launch.

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