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Best hybrid cars you can buy now that will depreciate the least

Porsche Panamera hybridPH

Porsche Panamera hybrid topped the list as slowest depreciating hybrid

After the announcement of the in the UK, many people are weighing up a future with electric cars and how viable that will be. 

There is still an element of anxiety around electric cars due to the current high costs and generally low range. 

Most of the affordable electric cars on sale in the UK come with sub-100 miles of range which many believe is not sufficient. 

Hybrid cars, however, offer low emissions travel, increased range and still feel like a powerful vehicle, so they could be the perfect place for someone to start. 

Now has revealed a list of hybrids that retain their value well after 30,000 miles or three years.

The Porsche Panamera, a luxury hybrid, came out on top  retaining 81.8 per cent of its value over that period of time. 

It was followed by the BMW 7 Series and Volvo XC90 with 75.7 per cent and 70.6 per cent retained respectively. 

Cheaper options than manage to retain the majority of their value over three years/30,000 miles include the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (2015), BMW 3 Series (2012) and Kia Optima. 

Commenting on the study, James Dower senior editor from hpi said: “Hybrid vehicles have jumped in popularity and provide a great mix of economy and green credentials.

Hybrid vehicles have jumped in popularity and provide a great mix of economy and green credentials

James Dower senior editor from hpi

“The choice of models available to consumers continues to expand and provide credible options in all segments, from small cars to large SUVs.”

Mr Dower added: “Petrol hybrids values increased for the fourth month in a row with average values rising by 1.1%.

“It’s a growing market as we see more manufacturers releasing new models with hybrid powertrains and it appears that consumers have embraced the technology with few concerns over the life of a battery.” 

Here is the full list of hybrids recommended by cap hpi:

Porsche Panamera (2016) hybrid – £79,715

Value retained: 81.8 per cent

BMW 7 Seires (2016) hybrid – £73,717

Value retained: 75.7 per cent 

Volvo XC90 (2014) – £62,817

Value retained: 70.6 per cent


BMW X5 hybrid SUV made the list of slow depreciating hybrids

Mercedes-Benz E Class (2016) hybrid – £48,353

Value retained: 68.5 per cent

BMW X5 (2015) hybrid – £54,350

Value retained: 66.9 per cent

Porsche Cayenne (2010) hybrid – £65,475

Value retained: 65.6 per cent 

Volkswagen Passat (2015) hybrid -£39,073

Value retained:  64.6 per cent 

BMW 2 Series Active TourerPH

Another BMW, the 2 Series Active Tourer also retains its value well

Mercedes GLE (2015) hybrid – £69,476 

Value retained: 62.6 per cent

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (2015) hybrid – £33,250

Value retained: 59.6 per cent 

BMW 3 Series (2012) hybrid – £35,875

Value retained: 59.3 per cent 

Audi A3 (2014) hybrid – £35,875

Value retained: 59.3 per cent

BMW i8 (2014) hybrid – £104,485

Value retained: 56.5 per cent 

Kia Optima (2016) hybrid – £33,940 per cent 

Value retained: 56.1 per cent 

Mercedes C Class (2015) hybrid – £41,207  

Value retained: 52.7 per cent 

Mercedes S Class (2013) hybrid – £91,865

Value retained: 52.1 per cent 

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